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Headlight Tinting Thoughout

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire &

The North West

Welcome to Exclusive Tinting, Ellesmere Port's leading vehicle headlight tinting company.


Headlight tinting is an affordable way to transform the style of your car. They are an often overlooked area of a vehicle that can be styled by modifying the look of your car or van lights can transform its overall appearance quickly and easily.


Headlight and taillight tinting is a fully legal and MOT compliant way of smoking the lights on your car. It looks fantastic, lasts for years and only takes a couple of hours to complete the full set.


New MOT guidelines issued in 2012 state that "products on the headlight or lens that obviously reduces the lights intensity or changes its colour will become a reason for failure"


Our vehicle headlight tints are designed to work with your vehicles headlights to withstand heat but not affect their brightness. Our tints have been manufactured to have as minimal effect as possible on brightness with a VLT (visible light transmission) of 80%.


Please note however that brightness may vary depending on vehicle model and age.